Meteor accounts removing hashtag from verification email


Is there anyway to remove the hashtag from the email verification email in Meteor accounts. The problem is in some email clients the email isn’t appearing as a link after the hashtag. I tried wrapping the ‘url’ part in the email text in a link attribute but it outputted as text. I am currently using:

Accounts.emailTemplates.verifyEmail.text = function(user, url) {
        return 'Click on the following link or copy into a web browser to verify your email address: ' + url;

in conjunction with

if (Accounts._verifyEmailToken) {
    Accounts.verifyEmail(Accounts._verifyEmailToken, function(err) {


Accounts.emailTemplates.verifyEmail = {
subject() {
return “[GoDunk] Verify Your Email Address”;
text( user, url ) {
let emailAddress = user.emails[0].address,
urlWithoutHash = url.replace( ‘#/’, ‘’ ),
supportEmail = "",
emailBody = To verify your email address (${emailAddress}) visit the following link:\n\n${urlWithoutHash}\n\n If you did not request this verification, please ignore this email. If you feel something is wrong, please contact our support team: ${supportEmail}.;

return emailBody;