Meteor accounts-ui with Angular2


Trying Anglural2 with Meteor. Going through manual ( and feel that it’s still unfinished.

Problems stats with adding meteor accounts-ui. There is said in manual that after adding account-ui package we can just:

  {{> loginButtons}}

The problem is, that a few steps before there was such sentence:
"urigo:angular2-meteor overrides standard Meteor HTML processor. Lets remove standard HTML processor by:
$ meteor remove blaze-html-templates"

So, {{> loginButtons}} is not working.

@Urigo, what’s your suggestion in terms of accounts-ui? What should we use?


Yes we still don’t have an accounts-ui solution for Angular2.0.
You can write that ui yourself and maybe create accounts-ui-angular2 package.

We are working on updating the tutorial for that


The roadmap has this feature. I am working on this for Angular 1. Never made a package before though so appreciate any boilerplate or helpful links.