Meteor Accounts - user disconnected after a page refresh

I currently have a problem with the implementation of Accounts Meteor. I’ve already made several research on the subject, but I find only vague information without get a real answer.

I implemented account-base and account-password and I manage the connection of the user with the method “loginWithPassword” (
No problem with this, the user connects, but when the page is refreshed (either with the browser button or refreshed compiling) the user is disconnected.

Do you know how to fix this or do you have ideas about where I can direct me?

Thanks you in advance for your answer.

Nobody has an idea …?

On page refresh, meteor should call server side accounts hooks like I’d start by putting debugger; statements in there to see if it’s even attempting to do that and if it’s getting denied or not being able to find the user etc… Maybe you’re not saving the user to the server on account creation?