Meteor add-platform android -- PLEASE HEEEEEEEEEEELP

i am windows 8.

meteor create testapp
then: meteor add-platform android

booooooom - error message:
module.js: 327
cannot find module ‘is-property’

what do i do now?

Buy a Mac…:grin:

Did you try

npm install is-property -g
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See the following issue:

i just did and still get the same error message. hmmmmm

i don’t understand what they say.

@ooronning The solution above probably will work, but you’d need to adjust the meteor-tool version number to reflect your current version of Meteor. For example, with Meteor you’d need to change 1.3.4_1 to 1.4.1_1.”

??? why meteor, why?

First find out which version of Meteor your application is using. Check in your MY_APP_ROOT/.meteor/release file. For example:


Use this version number to build the directory to the associated build tool. So is used like:


cd into that directory, then run:

meteor npm install is-property

followed by moving back into your application and running:

meteor add-platform android
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halleluja, it worked - thank you!!

well, then after meteor add-platform android, i am still not beaten down and i try …
meteor run android

it goes until ‘starting app on android emulator’ …

and then nothing happens. no emulator. no error message. just a spinning –

why meteor?