Meteor Admin Packages - March 2016 - what do you use?


I’ve been using yogiben:admin and it’s been good, but there sometimes it freezes when loading. I tried several others briefly, but ran into sticky parts here or there. Houston didn’t integrate with user accounts and roles. mfactory:admin had a couple bugs and didn’t seem stable. kaoskeya:admin doesn’t look maintained anymore.

What’s meteor admin package have you put in production and why did you choose it? How has it worked out?




I’ve used a few on there, but ended up rolling my own for user account management

I just announced opening up access to my version as a hosted platform yesterday Trombone - hassle free hosted User Management for Meteor

take a look - it’s very rough around the edges but it’s starting to take shape. One of the things I like about it is that it has minimal dependencies on your app and operates independently as a separate client to your app (ie. you don’t need to be using iron-router or some other package, just the standard accounts and it works).

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Hi Paul, your TOS is a broken link. What information do you keep from the sites using your service?

I am using a highly customized version of Meteor Admin (yogiben:admin), but there are problems around the way it handles pub/sub. We have 8000 records it takes way too long. I have thought about creating my own package, but it would be a serious endeavor.

For anyone looking I answered this over here: Trombone - hassle free hosted User Management for Meteor

Snap! I figured that was the problem, and agree that making a package is a serious endeavor. I think I’ll roll my own for regular use and continue to use a database editor for the rest. Lamenting a lack of easy button.