Meteor Advocacy Month


Between now and the end of May, I call on everyone to publish at least one Meteor-related piece on an external public forum, e.g.

  • An article on LinkedIn, Medium, Hacker News or a Faceboook Page.

  • A post on your own public website or blog.

  • A project on Github

Some ideas:

  1. A case study on how you achieved an important business objective using a Meteor-specific feature, e.g. isomorphism, DDP, reactivity, Apollo.

  2. An interesting real-world Meteor application.

  3. A Meteor library or package you have created or improved that has enhanced Meteor’s value to you.

You should then post a link to your piece in this thread.

By doing this:

  1. Everyone will know how smart you really are.

  2. You are helping to promote Meteor awareness and build the community, creating an insurance policy to guarantee Meteor’s continued development and support.

  3. Put an end to those annoying ignorant posts with that infamous “D” word that I shall not repeat.

To make this easier, you can recycle relevant content that you’ve posted on these forums previously.

List of success stories

I’ve just finished porting most of my Socialize packages to npm for use with React Native. I’m hoping to get the documentation done this week. Once that’s done I can work to get both the Web and React Native demo’s up and running and do a write up on them, and the packages, as well as maybe even a video tutorial or two.


I published Torrents Duck a seedbox made with Meteor with 3 dockered meteor working together and communicating through the mongoDB. It’s a quick 5 nights Proof Of Concept and I believe it help showing the power of Meteor and Meteor UP :slight_smile: