Meteor + Agular + Ionic DDP problem

Hi everyone.
Thanks to @Urigo’s awesome Meteor-Angular package and tutorials, I was inspired a lot to try to make my mobile app version with Angular + Ionic.
I have my Meteor web app was completely built and want to build a hybrid mobile app with Angular + Ionic. So basically I have 1 web app, 1 mobile app and 1 shared server so every client (mobile and web) could talk together.
Everything seem perfectly fit until it comes down to DDP connection. I couldn’t find a way to connect the mobile app ( Meteor + Angular + Ionic ) to my server ( pure Meteor ) because Angular wraps the meteor object and doesn’t the have the option to pass the DDP connection parameter to Meteor collection, something like this

Meteor.myRemoteConnection = DDP.connect(url_to_App3);
SharedWidgets = new Meteor.Collection('widgets', Meteor.myRemoteConnection);
Meteor.sharedWidgetsSubscription = Meteor.myRemoteConnection.subscribe('allWidgets');

Which can’t be done in Angular-Meteor because they just have 2 parameters

$meteor.collection(collection, autobind)
$scope.$meteorCollection(collection, autobind)

Do you have any solution for this problem ?
Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad English.

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should work now with the new version of the Ionic tutorials

Hi @Urigo,
I haven’t had a look on the new tutorial yet but does it use meteor client side package to solve the above problem? I use meteor client side and my product was live 3 months ago and I’m happy with it :smile: