Meteor, Agular, TypeScript?

Hi guys,
I’m new to the Meteor paradigm and also to the technologies involved. I would like to start learning the right set of technologies based on current state of things.

From what I’ve read, it makes sense to use Angular instead of Blaze for new developments. And in terms of using Agular it seems to be recommended to use TypeScript.

Can someone confirm these are the two technologies to learn when considering new Meteor projects?

I’ve also heard Metor will favor NPM over Amtosphere packages. Is that the case?

Thanks in advance for your advice.



Blaze, React and Angular are all great choices, but if you were to decide based on forum activity, React is the clear winner. React has been recommended as the view layer of choice by MDG themselves (more than once), and has also taken the view layer world by storm outside of Meteor. Nothing against Blaze and Angular of course (I use both in projects, and really like Blaze … :slight_smile: ); based on the state of the current Meteor community however, React is quickly pulling ahead.

Yes. Meteor 1.3 will officially support npm (and should be released any day now - it’s currently at release candidate 4). That being said Atmosphere will still stay around for quite some time, since it’s better suited for certain types of packages. Count on using both.

Based on activity on forums, IRC, Slack and Gitter, I’d say Blaze and React are much more often used as Meteor view layer than Angular. But that may change once Angular 2 finally comes out.

If you decide on Angular, then by all means go for Angular 2 with Typescript, no point learning Angular 1 at this point.

But if you don’t have any preferences on view layer for now, I’d suggest to chose React over Angular 2 because it’s already been available for a while so it has better adoption in Meteor community and it will be much easier to find help.

And if you’re new to web development or just want to write some website for yourself or some small business, just go with Blaze + manuel:viewmodel - nothing beats the simplicity of it.