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I am looking for an alternative to the way that Meteor provides real-time data changes updates. I’m not wanting to use a hosted solution like RethinkDB (I imagine that this would slow my applicaton down if I had to make calls to an API that was further away from my server than if I positioned the database close/on to my applicaiton server), but am open to opinion by those who have used it. Can people please put forward some suggestions - thanks in advance.

Why you think RethinkDB is hosted? You can install it in your own server right?

some alternatives I know of:

Feathers actually has a nice comparison table

Thanks for this, for some reason I thought it was an externally hosted solution only. My bad.

Also check out

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Hello @tidee, can you please describe your context : which kind of real time data is exchanged ? what is the frequency and amout of updates ? which bottlenecks did you already find with meteor ?
Thank you

The application is fairly standard in complexity, i.e. it has forms, tables, dashboard, etc. In some pages i’d want to request data ad-hoc, in other cases it would be good to use a subscription-based set-up to continually update a part of the application.
After Meteor recommended people start usinf React, I have grown to like the look of that ecosystem and so there are now one or two peices of the architecture that I need to replace before being able to remove my application from the clutches of Meteor. Webpack, React, Redux, Relay,Jest, React Router, React Native - it seems as though this ecosystem provides a robust appraoch to building a large application, I was just stumped as to what to use to persist the data. I think some kind of GraphQL server would work if I used GraphQL in the client, just not sure about how to get the subscription-type process set-up. Having said that, after having psted this question, I read something that suggested Relay could provide data reactivity.
Anyhow, would be good to hear fomr anyone who has gone down the React route and has experimented which products that replace the data rectivity that Meteor provides.

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So you are not using Meteor anymore and you are asking questions in meteor forum ! :disappointed_relieved:
“Tidee, you can destroy Meteor. MDG has foreseen this. It is your destiny. Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy …" :smiling_imp:

I am using Meteor, just not for this application.

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Cool ! Why aren’t you happy with " the way that Meteor provides real-time data changes updates" ?

It feels like I cannto control when Metero will decide to update the data on the page. With the React ecosystem (moreover a Flux pattern) you can make decisions when data updates the application state.