Meteor and Auth0 Lock


Does anyone have positive experience of using latest version of Auth0 Lock with Meteor?
I have some problems… you can read all my test here… and I can’t understand, why it’s not working in Meteor…


I’m also interested in hearing peoples views on this. I’m a little concerned that there are barely any discussions or activity around Meteor + Auth0. From what I was able to gather, Auth0 had an official Meteor package that integrated Auth0 but due to a security flaw, they scrapped the entire thing. Now there’s hardly any credible recent material anywhere on this topic.

I am looking to use Auth0 with Meteor as well mainly because of great SAML support and account protection features.


Its late, but i’m leaving a comment to write about this tomorrow. I did a successful integration a while ago (6 months)


I think, it is not correct to talk about Meteor and Auth0. You can use npm or CDN version of Auth0 in any React or node.js app…