Meteor and commercial plugins?

Would you pay for a plugin? For example if they were made better or had better suport than a free one?

First of all, when we see a commercial plugin it’s a huge “No!”… but many plugins die in a natural way - developers have their own jobs to focus on… make other projects which would give them some reward. What if a plugin itself would remain in constant development thanks to beeing paid - like $2 or $8 if it was made of other 3 x $2 ones.

I know this is not how free and open source is running, but it’s just a different approach. Wondering if this would make sense.

Short answer : YES

If you are offering me something that adds value or saves time (or ideally both), I’d be willing to pay for it.

Its a really interesting situation, like you i see commercial offerings in the open source space my initial reaction is “NO!”, but at the end of the day I’m interested in Shipping software and providing my clients with value for money, if buying a component helps me achieve those goals then i’m happy to do it.

I’d pay $1000+ for a plugin/component/whatever if it saved me as little as 2 days effort, I think potential sellers of niche software products need think about the ROI they provide to customers when pricing things, $2, $8, etc… tells me your only providing about 10 minutes of time saving.

I’m sure this topic divides opinion though, really interested to hear others thoughts.