Meteor and design

Hello community. I have just learnt à little abou blaze and iron routing. Now i want to learn how to make It look good. I have looked at materialize but i cant find any beginner tutorial. Can anyone advise à good package and beginner


Twitter bootstrap package is the way to go.

Here, I googled it for you.

Well, that could be, but that’s not what @emilkl is asking for. He’s looking for tutorials and for now specifically for Materialize.

@emilkl There are no Meteor/Materialize tutorials that I know of. But some Googleing resulted in this:

And you could try a search on Github for repos with Meteor and Materialize and learn from those.

Edit: @brajt beat me to it and and used Google even better than I did. :slight_smile:

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Hello and Thank you for all the responsens. I have already looked at those tutorial but i dident find them so beginner friendly :frowning: i am still trying to understand how meteor works and all that. But search for repos on github was à good Idea, i Will try that.

Many Thanx

For that, you would really have to specify what do you mean by “beginner friendly”. You won’t find tutorials for CSS frameworks that will teach you CSS or HTML basics. It’s expected that when you start using CSS framework, you already know stuff.

Also, I forgot to mention in the first post. Do yourself a favor and use Flow Router instead of Iron Router if you’re starting to learn Meteor now.

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