Meteor and Dropbox [SOLVED]


Until recently, I developed Meteor apps on my PC using Super fast and convenient - and sorely missed.

Now I am developing on my PC (using Atom) and, in an attempt to replicate my Nitrous experience, I am keeping my files in a Dropbox folder.

However, when I look in my Dropbox folder I see about 12 dev-bundle folders, which are individually huge and which collectively dominate Dropbox-driven bandwidth to the point that my PC may as well be steam-driven.

Perhaps this is all a terrible idea. Perhaps I should use Github (which I find esoteric and intimidating).

Bottom line, I need to work on Meteor files from 2 or 3 different workstations. Is my experience typical? Is there a better way? What’s with all the dev-bundle folders??


Found my answer here: