Meteor and excel


Like I said before I am new to meteor, I have a excel file on my desktop I want to import in meteor and be able to manipulate.

  1. I am using Atom for coding
  2. where do I save the excel sheet? I mean do I create a new document under server and save it with my excel file name?
  3. I am looking at some of the codes but I don’t see where in meteor the excel sheet location is used
    it has been couple of days now I am binging my head please help


Maybe useful:

(a) make/use a speadsheet style ui frontend. Populate this from a object in your database (with a cell structure so it resembles a spreadsheet)
(b) add functionality by making buttons which do stuff by interfacing with the o365 api. In this model your excel spreadsheet would sit within your o365 account.
© Alternately, upload spreadsheet as a file into your app and save somewhere in cloud storage. Trigger a excel spreadsheet parsing library to extract data, and then put said data into your database. Then write functions to do stuff which mimics database.


@tathagatbanerjee, Thank for the reply. I can populate my excel file by clicking a button that allows me to go get the excel data sheet on my desktop that part work fine.
The change is that now I want the program to be able to upload the excel data sheet when it is run so I can have a field that will allow me to search it.


Basically, you would need to trigger an async call to do this somewhere in the Meteor.startup.

That being said, can i recommend you look at Clever Beagle by @themeteorchef - its a really good starter app. Helped me understand how to design small apps in Meteor.


Thanks for the mention @tathagatbanerjee!