Meteor and Mongo nonpersistence

Hi, so I have an idea to create a Meteor application that would run on a device. The hardware does not matter now, but what I am concerned about is the data. The data would be sensitive and private and I would like to keep it out of the database, and store it in some kind of volatile memory, where the data gets erased if the device goes off (think ram). But still I would need to manipulate the data, e.g. render it on the UI. Or is there some kind of way to get the data render the parts that are supposed to be shown and erase the rest. Could Mongo do something like this?
My alternative to a meteor application for this would be angular or react running on top of node where node would store the data and pass it to angular, but no database would be involved, however I would really like to use Meteor here. Any suggestions are helpful, thanks.

Take a look at the name & connection option of a new Mongo.Collection(name, [options])

nonPersistantCollection = new Mongo.Collection(null)

However, this will only persist while the App is running {i think}