Meteor and Mongo on shared server in production


Looking for a bit of guidance here, I am planning to host our Meteor app and Mongodb on the same server instance initially as it will save us a few pennies a month which as a lean startup we could do with not spending. I plan on separating the app to its own server eventually but just wondering if there is anything I should consider when setting up i.e. securitywise having both on the same box. Just for the record it is a meaty box designed to be able to handle our Mongo needs for a while yet - i7-3770 8CPU (4v) 32 Gb so should handle both okay even with a couple of Meteor instances load balanced over 2 cores. Love to hear any thoughts on if this will be sufficient as a stop gap for the time being or if I ought to not be a skinflint and just fork out for the additional web server…


My main concern would be if the instance crashed for whatever reason. If the server goes down and you have autoscaling set up then it will be relaunched but since you’ll have no redundancy you will lose everything you had on your mongodb i.e. all of the documents on that mongodb. If you want to keep them on the same instance to save money then I would recommend making backups at least once a day.