Meteor and Mongodb

I am very new to meteor and mongodb. I am trying to understand how and where does a meteor application creates mongo database.
I know I can check the data for a given meteor application by using the command: “meteor mongo”.
Does that mean each application creates its own mongodb server? Is that practical?
Sorry if this sounds a dumb question but again I’m new and trying to understand the basisc here.

A MongoDB-server is only setup for you in development. When you publish your application you’d have to set up your own MongoDB-server. It’s bundled like that so you can start developing right away with only Meteor installed.

I didn’t know that. Where do you suggest I start reading about structure of meteor stack and its component in detail so that I know what I need to set up in production env?

You can start by the tutorial over the meteor website : meteor todos tutorial
After that, there’s many place where you can learn more like Discover Meteor or BulletProof Meteor

And of course, there’s the Meteor Docs.

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Well, check out mup, meteor up, takes care of most stuff for you

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