Meteor and portfolio website


I have an artist friend who needs an portfolio website. She needs to be able to upload and delete images from a gallery and the site should perhaps also have some kind of blog wich is not certain yet.

Would you think Meteor would work okay with a project like this? I know something like Wordpress would be another option but since i have never used it and she would need a totally custom website and not a theme i am not too keen on the idea. I think i would get results faster with Meteor since i have been learning it these past couple of weeks so i am somewhat familiar with it.

What do you guys think? Any other good ideas?

Well, it can be interesting.
Of course images can be managed using one of these various services like cfs or slingshot if you want S3 upload etc.
I am planning to look deeper if/how to hook Medium to my site.
When they offer custom domains now or how it is called, seems like ideal solution when I want my users to be able to produce content.

This actually seems like a perfect use of Wordpress - some of the themes will give exactly what you are asking for.

Except playing with meteor, why would you like to build a solution from scratch ? I would advice you to use Wordpress (or another CMS) which comes from with the main features you need.

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Okay thank you. I’ll just learn how to customize the heck out of the themes then. :slight_smile: Wish me luck!

Well, wordpress is perfect for this kind of blog. Unless you 're in love with javascript, and that you can’t go back. :smile:
If you have nothing against php, it will be much easier with wordpress (for hosting the website…etc).
If you want to start a theme from scratch, you can use “sage”, a starter theme for wordpress (with sass, gulp…etc).
But its maybe easier to start from an existing theme.

have a look at Make for wp - its free

Meteor would be fine if you want to roll your own or want to fork from something like Letterpress

My personal opinion: I’d advise against customizing a WordPress theme too much (or any theme, for that matter). I’ve done this for a client and the result is way too much time spent on details and less than ideal results. Your code could end up with tons of CSS and JS hacks.
For a project like this, my advice is, use WordPress, but spend some good amount of time with your friend choosing a theme that she likes. There are tons of themes to choose from, so why not choose the one that she is happy with rather than choosing something and then modifying it?
In my experience, clients rush when choosing a theme and then are not happy with it. And when you have to change colors/fonts etc, you break the color patterns and font combinations that a professional designer spent hours getting right.