Meteor and python client


Hello meteors,

I wonder if there is a best practice solution how to cover this use case:

I have a meteor app, that has own collections and shared collection, where a python script creates new entries in it or updates existing ones into the MongoDB. From a meteor client, I want to trigger such event for the python script and stop instant reload of the collection. After the collection is created, I need to send a message to the meteor client, to say that it should update its data or give a feedback if data could not be created

Since DDP is just for syncing the changes between the clients, im missing something similar as Meteor.methods, at least in the python DDP implementation. Did I miss some of the features? Or should i just use simple HTTP requests to python?



I’m trying to do a similar thing - get python insert/update documents. How did you achieve this?

I saw this ( but can’t get it to work…