Meteor and React: Develop a Complete App with Meteor 1.4 and React

A while ago, I came out with a book on learning Meteor and React. It walks you through the process of developing an app from start to finish. For a while, I talked about releasing a new version of that book, and it’s finally here.

It uses the same style as the Rails Tutorial, with a free HTML version, and the option to upgrade to the PDF and screencasts.

The first three chapters are done, with the remainder of the chapters being released one at a time until the book is finished.

The PDF and screencast packages are also available at a steeply reduced price until the final release of the book.

Check it out here:


Very Good job Ken! I think I’ll buy it as soon as it is completed. Any hope for a printed version available on amazon? I love to collect books and Meteor/React is something I don’t want to miss

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If you notice any typos or bugs, I would greatly appreciate a heads up.

You should have a link right there to a form or something. Or put DISQUS on the page. How are we suppose to communicate those typos to you?

Redux is awesome, but I feel it is unnecessary for Meteor applications.

React may be unnecessary for some small apps, but for very large apps or for special needs (like storing user interactions for replay, reconstituting app state from a saved file) it can bring benefits. Personally I’d like it if the demo app used Mobx.

First, I thought it was better to stick with the method that MDG has laid out in their guide, which contradicst the way Mantra is set up in quite a few ways.

typo: contradicts.

and why I cam to these conclusions,

typo: came

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Nice idea. Like
Agree with Max about Redux… Whatever the fate of any *dux flavour, the pattern is not going away.
You might add such advanced matters later as part of premium package.

Just a note: non-ascii errors pasting from 3.2. Perhaps put on separate lines too:
meteor add aldeed:collection2-core
meteor npm install --save simpl-schema


Thanks for pointing out the typos, if you scroll up to the top of the page, there is a ‘Contact Author’ button that sends me a direct email :slight_smile:

As for your points on Redux, I’ve heard that from a few people now. After the initial version of the book is finished, I may go back in and add in a portion for Redux if demand is high enough.


I am considering going back and adding some sections about Redux later, as a few others have pointed out the same things.

Thanks for pointing out those errors!

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good guidance here if you decide to venture into Redux

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also this may be useful

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