Meteor and React in 2018


Just wanted to share a small article I wrote about some best practices i have found for using react in meteor.
It’s not a tutorial about writing the UI but instead a guide for using the right available tools.

You can find it here

It covers the followings:

  • Webpack integration in Meteor (experimental) and taking advantage of react-hot-loader (among other useful things)

  • Setting up jest with enzyme

  • A small comparison between React-Router and Flow-Router

  • Thoughts about redux in meteor

  • Using a new useraccounts package that doesn’t depend on jQuery and Blaze. (disclaimer: I’m the author)

  • Packages recommendations

I will appreciate any comment/suggestions, feel free to ask anything!

Also, if you have time - please check meteoreact:accounts and let me know what you think.


I keep getting jest errors for things like spread operators (…). It seems like babel via meteor isn’t transpiling for jest?

Jest is running independently so it’s not meteor’s responsibility to transpile the code.
It means you’ll have to manually configure babel with the plugins that you need.

Keep in mind that although you cant enjoy meteor’s out-of-the-box transpilation, the advantages of using jest are huge - you get a super-fast testing environment (because you don’t have to wait for meteor to reload the application)

Nice work on the meteoreact:accounts package; I was wondering when someone was going to come up with that. It deserves a topic all of its own.

Nice job, thank you for sharing!

I looked something very similar. As a meteor newbie, I offer my not-understanding things deeply :slight_smile:

My aim is to create a starter kit for meteor+react in production quality with routing.
Is it similar enough to cooperate?