Meteor and React Native - follow up article from the Impact 2022 Session

Hey everyone, after my workshop at Impact 2022 I updated the code and improved some pieces here and there and Iā€™m proud to announce a full scale mobile app dev workshop with Meteor and React Native:

The corresponding repository is also at the same time a quick start and can be used as GitHub template repo:

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • installation of the dev environment
  • create the Meteor backend
  • create the React Native app
  • connect/reconnect the RN app to the backend
  • full authentication workflow using react navigation
  • CRUD a personal Tasks collection (using Meteor Methods and Publication/Subscription)

At the end you have a full working Simple Todos app as you know from the Meteor tutorials (with a few slight modifications).

I hope you enjoy the article! Let me know if there is anything left uncovered or not working. Happy coding!


Thank you @jkuester for this addition to the resources for people learning how and what they can build with Meteor!