Meteor and SAML

Every few years someone is faced with the task of integrating a Meteor application into an environment where the user logins are handled using SAML, see for example SAML in Meteor in 2022

Last year I was faced with this task. The result is the Meteor package qnipp:meteor-accounts-saml.

There is a demo application at (Thanks to Meteor for providing this free opportunity again).

The source code for the application and the package can be found at GitHub - qnipp/meteor-saml-demo: SAML integration for Meteor.

The package has now been in productive use for several months. I have not heard any complaints from customers.

All the best with it!


While working with the package, I noticed that the name containing meteor is somewhat redundant.

import { something } from 'meteor/qnipp:meteor-accounts-saml'; 

So I renamed the package to qnipp:accounts-saml. Unfortunately, there’s no way to remove the old package from Atmosphere.