Meteor and SEO challenge

Hi to all !

Playing with last 3 months and I can say I love Meteor :slight_smile:

In September of 'll start working on my first serious Meteor project that requires absolutely perfect SEO website.

What are your experiences with SEO modules and how you solve pages and backlinks optimization?

thanks for your answers

Gretings from Vienna seems to be a good choice. See: and kadira:dochead although I had some problems with dfischer:prerenderio package suggested in the Guide. See:
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Arguably the only crawler that really matters is GoogleBot, and that renders javascript apps nicely these days. Not much you need to do in terms of Meteor, although setting the page title and meta tags via javascript when you navigate to a new page will help get those bits right.

I don’t really get what backlinks has to do with Meteor, backlinks are links on other sites that link to yours.

Just like @juliancwirko said, I had problems too using dfischer:prerenderio package, so instead I picked the npm version (prerender-node).

For SEO purposes, I use Dochead (for Meta tags) along with prerender (in order to make my content crawlable by Google bots and other crawlers), and I am pretty happy with it !

I’ve written a beginner’s guide to SEO with Meteor last week, maybe it can helps !


Oh, and what about facebook :grin: - they don’t render the whole Javascript page and need some prerendered version.

Good point. This is presumably if you want different social media images per url? Otherwise you can just set the fb meta tags in the head and facebook will parse that for thumbnails and description.