Meteor and subscription payments every month? ex paypal

hi all,
I have a customer who need a web/app where the customers need to pay every month to use the web/app. like Spotify e.g.

Is that possible with metoer? and is there a example with it? can I use paypal or is there a better one?

It is possible in a lot of ways. For example with a lot of payment methods (Paypal, Stripe, Ontraport) you can use theyr’e webhook system. For this you create a API where the payment platform connects to your website and every time a payment is managed the webhook sends information to your platform through the API. The monthly payments are normally managed through the payment platform (you create a monthly subscription system, paypal has this).

Currently I am using Ontraport with webhooks and with Meteor I only store the last payment date and every time the webhook triggers I can see if the user cancelled, renewed or is a new payer and then change the user roles in the website (using alanning:roles).

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We use Stripe and Lambda functions to handle webhooks. Meteor handles everything else.

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We also use Stripe for subscription payments, but we handle the webhooks from Stripe right in our Meteor app using the simple:rest json-routes package to record when users subscribe, are charged, or cancel a subscription in our own Mongo db.

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By some measures, iOS users spend 5x Android users on average, with iPad users even higher. So even though the 30% App Store subscription fee seems insane, it’s worth it since per user, you’re getting 5x the revenue. Their flow converts users who otherwise wouldn’t convert with Stripe.

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