Meteor and subscription payments every month? paypal e.g.?


I have a customer who need a web/app where the customers need to pay every month to use the web/app. like Spotify e.g.

Is that possible with metoer? and is there a example with it? can I use paypal or is there a better one?


Hello Cristiano,

Seems to me there’s a GitHub solution for PayPal integration by David Brear. Will try to find it now.

Update: found the link to GitHub in one of the archives (seems to me quite an old portal) - do my homework solution.
Hope that helps.



Stripe is also worth checking out. Has a nice API, and recurring billing is possible.


Stripe & Braintree (PayPal) are probably the two most common services for web apps, but you will still have to do a lot of setup yourself based on the particularities of you app.
You can easily use any solution that has an official node package available (for some like Stripe & Braintree there are also additional Atmosphere packages, but I would be very cautious with anything unofficial).


Echo the Stripe and Braintree recommendations. Shouldn’t take longer than a couple of days to set up and automate the recurring charges…