Meteor and Svelte StarterKit with Routify

Hello community, it is my first post and I wanted to offer something to all of you.

I was working for a couple of days on an initialization version with Svelte and Meteor that will implement routes, authentication, roles and permissions.

I have released version 1.0.0 on Github and I hope to have your feedback, likewise, all the improvements that can be applied to the project so that it helps many more people are welcome in a pull request.

Thank you all and I hope I can help with this simple project.

This repo Meteor Svelte Routify


Hi Alexander, this is nice.

I believe you could deploy for free a demo of this repo using Meteor Cloud free deploy so people could see this live.

Just use meteor deploy

meteor deploy <yourapp> --free --mongo

Hi @filipenevola. Sure I will. I will finish some additional implementations to improve the starter kit and publish the app for the community to take a look at.