Meteor and what other frameworks to use? (angular2, blaze, materialize, ionic, mdl)

I have worked with meteor for a year, but i have used Blaze and mdl.

I’m starting up two new app projects and I dont know if I shall use blaze and mdl or try to learn Angular2 and maybe materialize instead of mdl or something third?

Many big companies are looking for Angular people so it would be niced to lean it

What shall I use?

If I were to switch over from Blaze, it’d be to React or Vue I think, because of their performance and ability to be used to create native apps.

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React is facebook backed so its not my cup of coffee, . Think i will make the new projects in blaze, it works fine and maybe in a year or two there will be some new frameworks I can use. I asked because if people would say YES use angular2 with typescript NOW, then I would use some month to learn it.

I’ve just started learning Vue.js, and it seems pretty cool! I also dipped my toe in React, but Vue.js seems easier to learn and more elegant.

The main reason I started with Vue was that it’s supposed to have significantly better performance than Blaze, using a virtual DOM and such. But I’m also finding that the way you handle input, reactivity and state in Vue is much more elegant. So a plus in both performance and dev experience.

(although for employer attractiveness maybe it’s not in the top right now, but it’s growing quickly)