Meteor Android App said:'oops, no route client or server for url: 'http://meteor.local/


What’s wrong, any1 had this error?

It’s the first page of android app. I m confused. like hot-push-code or autoupdate problem?


That’s an error message from Iron Router, so I suspect there might be something wrong with your routing configuration.


But the web mode is ok. And I dn’t know how to make a url for http://meteor.local/. Seems some autoupdate or hot-code-push problem.


Have you resolved this? I’m having the same issue here:

meteor build ../builds/ -- server

In my app I get an Iron Router notification:

"Oops, looks like there's no route on the client or the server for url: 'http://meteor.local/login'"

Any ideas?


I m not sure about the reason. I’d removed some new and suspicious packages. Because the old version is well. Then the problem disappeared… And, I added these packages again. Everything is ok.

Maybe it’s just a tiny bug for building config…