Meteor + Angular 1.4 + Typescript. Any examples?


I am trying to port a Typescript project (based on Yo Gulp Angular generator) to a Meteor project.
I have worked with Angular Meteor before but not in TypeScript.

I have found the compiler and definitions:

however I am missing some vital information on how to best setup your project.

In my current project using (non meteor) I have to do all the imports (import… from…) . I reckon I don’ have to do that, right?
I get messages like Cannot find name ‘angular’ which is probably and esLint issue, so I added a .eslintrc file but that doesn’t work.

Does anyone have an example app that can help me (us) to create a nice blue print for a meteor app using angular and typescript?

have you looked at the tutorial ?

I haven’t looked at A2 tutorials yet because I assumed they are not compatible.
Am I wrong in that assumption?

By the way, I have made some progress in setting up the typings for ui-router and angular and when I have this up and running I intend to share it.

Edit: just looked at the angular2 tutorial: The bootstrapping of angular into Meteor is definitely not the same.

Found this example:

However that doesnt use the class export approach I like.

This one is more like it:

Apparently won’t allow the Export option of a class?

Hello any update on this one? I am planning to start a project using

Angular1.x + Meteor 1.3 + Typescript

I am having a hard time finding the right guidance to push through with this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well I’m not sure how to answer your questions regarding to Angular1.x and Typescript. But I would rather recommend you if you kickstart a new project swop Angular1.x to Angular2 because thats the future anyway and the meteor-angular2 package works very good… took me not too much learning and as Angular is in RC3 now its going to be released stable in quite near future. Just my 2 cents on this topic… I would not start an Angular1 project any more

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Thank you very much for the advice.