Meteor & angular 2 & ionic 2 - how to start


I am quite new to the rich client development and right now we have a project at the university and we have the opportunity to build such a rich client application. So the application we want to build will allow multiple team members to create and edit some tickets (something like a bugtracker with an integrated scrum board). And some days ago we read about the nice 3-way binding of meteor and wanted to give it a try.

The “problem” is that we have to use ionic2, angular2 and typescript. There are great tutorials at but the angular2 tutorial has actually no ionic2 part. So I do not know what to do next and the other nice tutorial - well I do not even know if it is for angular2/ionic2.

So can anybody point me to a nice tutorial or give me some information about how to start and which modules to load with npm or with meteor? None of us worked with these technologies before. I have some experience with node.js & express but that’s it.

Thanks in advance

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Ionic 2 is still in the beta stage and does not yet have a package for Meteor on Atmosphere. The stable version of Ionic 2 is expected to be released around the time when a stable AngularJS 2 will be released (more info here:

I’d suggest going with Meteor 1.3 for the web app, and Meteor 1.2 + Ionic 1.2.4 for the mobile app. Because Angular-Meteor now supports Angular 1.5, you can use Angular 1.5 component and ES2016 modules which aligns your app’s architecture with Angular 2. However, be careful. The current version of Ionic does not support Angular 1.5, which is why it will be very difficult to share code between your Meteor 1.3 web app and your Meteor 1.2 Ionic mobile app (Refer Github issue # #5436:

The Angular-Meteor tutorial is still being updated to reflect the changes in Meteor 1.3 (Refer It currently uses Ionic 1.x.

First of all: thanks for your reply.

Is it possible to get ionic2 through npm into an meteor + angular2 project and get it working? Or is it just too difficult?
In our project we actually have to use angular2 and ionic2. But if you say it would be way too difficult, we would have to talk with our prof first. Maybe we would leave out the ionic2 part and stick to meteor (and cordova?) for the mobile applications.

Malachi, did you find the solution? I am also looking to start with these 3 technologies but not able to find the resource.

no, i am sticking to mean + angular2 + ionic2
i guess it is the hard way but at least possible

Although this topic is a little older than two months now let me add that I’ve recently started a new project based on this starter template:

It’s working as expected so far. It’s a little hard to update the dependencies to the latest rc versions of angular though.