Meteor Angular 2 Tutorial Step 9 not working

This step, ‘Privacy and publish-subscribe functions’, is working for Angular 1, but not for Angular 2 - Firefox and Chrome affected - all I get is a blank page. The error message in console reads ‘Uncaught Error: Must call ‘DiffBox.registerTutorial’ with the tutorialName ‘angular2-meteor’ first.’

Hopefully this is just a small typo somewhere and can be easily fixed…

Is it still the case?

The problem is fixed as of today 20 Dec 2015, although now Steps 12 thru 23 for Angular2 are only showing the title, no other content…error messages in the console are not very illuminating… Thanks for your response.

Yes the Angular 2.0 tutorial is not complete yet, we are adding chapter as we go

Thanks, you’re doing great work.