Meteor Angular 404 templates - help please


Hi everyone,

Since Meteor version 1.3.4 (a few weeks back) and into this new version (Meteor I believe) - I get the following exceptions after upgrade:

Error: [angular-meteor][err][404] client/templates/refPages/refByCat.html - HTML template does not exists!

23 times (23 templates). I saw many posts from Angular users about this on these forums and others, and tried following the solutions posted (such as to use Import, which I don’t use now in my project) but so far nothing has worked for me.

Can someone explain what they’ve done in order to resolve this, and also why its happening? I understand it has something to do with Angular Template cache change, but its not clear to me fully.

Also now that my project is unusable - and if there isn’t a fix for this yet - what are the steps to roll back? Thanks for any help. Running Angular 1 (not 2) btw.