Meteor-Angular Error: Cannot find name 'File'

I was following allong the Files and UploadFS tutorial on I created the file both/methods/images.methods.ts:

import { UploadFS } from 'meteor/jalik:ufs';
import { ImagesStore } from '../collections/images.collection';
export function upload(data: File): Promise<any> {
  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    // pick from an object only: name, type and size
    const file = {
      type: data.type,
      size: data.size,
    const upload = new UploadFS.Uploader({
      store: ImagesStore,
      onError: reject,
      onComplete: resolve

And when I try to run meteor it says:

both/methods/images.methods.ts (4, 30): Cannot find name 'File'.

I don’t understand why. I thought File should be a typescript standard type. What can I do to Fix this Issue?