Meteor + angular + ionic CLI and meteor-up hosting

  1. I have an ionic cli app developed for both single-page web/mobile deployment.
  2. Then I added angular-meteor + meteor as the backend. I used the ...client-side.bundle.js libs with the ionic app, and deployed using mupx
  3. I had oauth problems using the meteor accounts-facebook client side package because the package assumes the client/server side are on the same host for oauth redirects. I got it to work with a little hacking, see
  4. Just now I had the brilliant idea to host the ionic app in the meteor /public folder, and wouldn’t you know it – it works!

Can anyone who actually understands Meteor hosting tell me if this is a good idea? or are there other negative side-effects which I am not aware of?

This is my current folder structure:

    /public ->  ../www (symbolic link)

with this project tree, I can still use all the ionic cli commands from the /ionicApp folder, and the meteor cli commands from the /ionicApp/meteor folder.

I need to confirm that the oauth issues are gone now that the client+Meteor server runs from the same host. For Cordova, i’m using the facebook plugin so I think I avoid the accounts-facebook server-side code on redirect