Meteor Angular Tutorial - Step 9.2 Adding User Accounts

The tutorial advises us to add the following line:

<meteor-include src="loginButtons"></meteor-include>

In file. I did that but:

  1. There is no link shown on the screen
  2. Chrome Developer Element tab shows this line as it is in the header section, but it is not being shown for some reason.

Let me know how to fix that.


<meteor-include> was deprecated in favor of blaze-template :

So basically you need to add the urigo:angular-blaze-template package to your code:
$ meteor add urigo:angular-blaze-template

and then change your code to look like that:
<blaze-template name="loginButtons"></blaze-template>

I will update the tutorial shortly

Thanks Uri. That worked fine. Two follow-up questions:

  1. Does this mean that we can mix and match blaze and angular templates/models freely?

  2. Is your Advanced Tutorial upto date? I would like to tackle it next if it is ready? If it is broken, I would wait for you to bring it up to date.

Hi @bruparel

  1. Yes that’s right. in the docs there is also an example on how to use Angular’s scope inside the Blaze template.
  2. Yes, I’ve just updated both tutorials though the one on the Meteor website is not deployed yet. I think you can continue working on the advanced one

Now the tutorial is also updated

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I get the same problem even if i added to my index.html

Tried removing and installing the packages and still get no authentication or any errors for that matter.

Can it be something else besides installing the packages names in the tutorial and adding the blaze-template?


The problem is with the new version of urigo:angular-blaze-template
try to downgrade to 0.0.1 for now

thanks for the reply. i will do just that

There is a new working version - 0.1.1

Unfortunately I was doing this step and Sign-In button disappeared completely.
No any error shown

Downgrade to the version 0.0.1 worked … sign in button appeared again

Please check out the updated tutorial for Angular Meteor 1.2.0.
It is different from the start

I followed the new version and the login button does not appear for me. I am on a windows 10 PC. Could that have something to do with it?

I don’t think so…
Can you share your code in a repo?

Here you go.

And thanks for the help!

Hi @LelouchLight,

After some recent changes in Angular-Meteor, please make sure you use ONLY ONE option of the following:

  • Use angular-meteor 1.2.0, using the angular package with dotansimha:accounts-ui-angular and <login-buttons> directive, make sure you remove ecmascript and html-blaze-template package.
  • Use angular-meteor 1.2.0, using the angular-with-blaze package, use urigo:angular-blaze-template (version 0.2.0) and then use <blaze-template name="loginButtons">.

Please verify that you have the correct versions with the correct constraints, you can specify the versioh using meteor add angular@1.2.0 command.


@dotansimha I am still having the same issue. I get an error in the console template is not defined and it refers to the blaze-template loginbuttons directive. I tryed specifying the package version but I had the same outcome.

  • angular@1.2.0
  • urigo:angular-blaze-template@0.2.0
  • Not sure if I am missing something else

Can you please clarify what do you mean by

- Use angular-meteor 1.2.0

Do you mean using meteor add angular@1.2.0?

Any other suggestions?

@LelouchLight Did you solve your issue? Can you share how?

Edit: Sorted this issue by comparing my code with the tutorial repo which has used the <login-buttons> directive. I would like to request the concerned to update the tutorial accordingly.

I am also stuck at this step on the tutorial with the following message on the verbose output of meteor

=> Errors prevented startup:

   While determining active plugins:
   error: conflict: two packages included in the app (angular-templates and templating) are both trying to handle

   While determining active plugins:
   error: conflict: two packages included in the app (angular-templates and templating) are both trying to handle

   While determining active plugins:
   error: conflict: two packages included in the app (angular-templates and templating) are both trying to handle

I also tried adding a version constraint of 1.2 to angular-meteor, still no joy. How can I tell angular to handle *.ng.html files only (if it might be a possible solution)?

Note: If I remove templating package, meteor runs the server but I get ReferenceError: Template is not defined. error in developer tool without displaying the login buttons.

Unfortunately here the variable “Template” is always undefined.

Following the versions of the packages I am using:


@Urigo in tutorial is recommended to use “dotansimha:accounts-ui-angular”, but what can I do to use “urigo:angular-blaze-template”?

Hi @bunomonteiro and sorry for the late response.
If you want to use Blaze templates, then it means that we need Meteor to compile html files as Blaze and .ng.html as Angular.
For that you should replace the angular package with angular-with-blaze package, which uses the same angular-meteor-data package but with different compilation package.