Meteor Angular UI Widgets


Hello Uri,
I am going through your advanced tutorial and am on Step 12 - Search, Sort, Pagination, and Reactive Vars. Frankly, I find it a bit overwhelming. One of the hugh advantages in the Angular world is that there are plenty of UI Widgets that can be used pretty much out of the box with some configuration. Something like Angular grid ( will be great to get a list of parties, pagination, and sorting. Do you have any plans on wrapping the Angular UI components and making them available in Meteor something like what Aldeed has done with Blaze and DataTables (, which is called Meteor-Tabular?

If we have to write all this code from scratch, then I am left scratching my head and wondering what is the advantage of using Angular with Meteor.

Perhaps a more appropriate tutorial would be on how to create Meteor specific, i.e., Reactive, Angular UI components?

Please advise.




2 disclaimers:

  1. I did not use angulargrid
  2. I am not Uri

As for your question:

  • Step 12 is focusing on how to get data reactively all the way from the server. Something you will have to do by ensuring the REST endpoints are providing sort / filter / pagination if you are working on a MEAN stack (or in fact any angular+ REST server stack)

  • Step #19 of the tutorial is explaning how to reuse an existing angular library in Angular Meteor (so you can use the fancy features and have meteor reactivity on top of it).

  • Atmosphere has 5 angular grid packages already. I did not do a comparison, but I guess one of them will give you most of the functionality you need.


Thanks Tally. I will check it out. I was getting tired going through step 12 and did not realize that step 19 had what I was looking for.

Uri linked in your pub/sub article in the other thread. I read through it. Very well written :smile: