Meteor Angular2 Tutorial error after adding ui-accounts

after section 8(user accounts) in meteor angular 2 tutorial (socially app) nothing is shown on the browser and in F12 I got that error:

install.js:85 Uncaught Error: Cannot find module 'meteor/accounts-base’require @ @ login-buttons.js:13fileEvaluate @ install.js:153require @ @ index.js:5fileEvaluate @ install.js:153require @ install.js:82meteorInstall.client.imports.parties-list.parties-list.js @ parties-list.ts:6fileEvaluate @ install.js:153require @ install.js:82meteorInstall.client.imports.parties-list.parties-list.ts @ parties-list.ts:1fileEvaluate @ install.js:153require @ @ app.ts:6fileEvaluate @ install.js:153require @ install.js:82(anonymous function) @ parties.ts:22

The referenced meteor/accounts-base module is a direct dependency of the accounts-password package. Step 8 of the Socially - A Meteor-Angular Tutorial App tutorial requires the installation of the accounts-password package, which will in turn install the accounts-base package. Make sure you’ve run the following:

meteor add accounts-password

To make sure it’s installed, look in your .meteor/versions file for a matching accounts-base@X.X.X line.

(I put an answer for this on SO; duplicating here.)

after running meteor add accounts-base that fixed,
but when clicking on login I got this error:
zone.js:241 Uncaught EXCEPTION: Error in http://localhost:3000//node_modules/angular2-meteor-accounts-ui/build/login-buttons.js class LoginButtons - inline template:0:1577
ORIGINAL EXCEPTION: TypeError: meteor_1.Meteor.loginWithPassword is not a function