Meteor angular2 tutorial issue: typescript: sudo npm install typings -g

In regards to meteor angular2 tutorial instruction in Step 0 - Bootstrapping

$ sudo npm install typings -g

I don’t believe I’ve been instructed to separately install npm anywhere and the meteor Windows installer does not put npm on my box. Why does the command say NPM and not Meteor NPM?

Should I instead run “meteor npm install typings -g”? I tried that and got no errors, but then still do not have “typings” as a command line command. ("typings’ is not recognized as an internal or external command)

I am on windows.

Please advise how to get past this step. Do I need to install NPM as well? Should typings installation be run via native NPM or as Meteor NPM? What is the relationship between NPM and Meteor NPM? Are packages pulled from both potentially at runtime if both are installed? Is there a manager to help disambiguate where packages are coming from if both are installed?


$ sudo npm install typings -g
$ typings init

seems to be solved with