Meteor + Angular2 vs Ionic 2


Hello, I know meteor works great with ionic and there are a lot of tutoriols on how integrate ionic with meteor.
My problem is I have a great (I think so) brand new angular2 web app with a lot of own components and I need to put it on mobile.
The problem is on meteor I can do anythin I want and compile it to mobile, I can do this also on Ionic but there are tones of ionic components which are performant and hyper testet on mobile and clearly the ionic team says, that not using this components is not the right way to use ionic. I need and want to have the same look&feel and user experience ofter any platform and I created a lot of custom components, and thats not the way you use ionic framework.

so my question is, does someone know which are the difference between ionic and meteo using my why of doing a mobile app. Do you think meteor can handle this on mobile apps or do you tthink ionic with nativ ionci components is faster, better and the righ way to do a cross plattofm mobiel web app?



Great news - since Meteor 1.3+ completely support NPM, you can just install all of the Ionic components into Meteor:

Then you can pair that with Angular-Meteor:

Then you get the best of both worlds!