Meteor-apm-agent suddenly killing my local Meteor instance


I was making some light CSS changes for a Meteor website that is hosted on Galaxy yesterday, when all of a sudden my browser crashed and my local dev instance started throwing a bunch of errors. After restarting my browser and then local Meteor instance and then my computer, the problem persisted. I’ve tracked it down to the mdg:meteor-apm-agent module I’ve had in this app without problem for over two years now. When I remove the module, everything works fine. When I npm install it, I get the following in the browser console:

GET http://localhost:3000/packages/mdg_meteor-apm-agent.js?hash=2a8ec56ebf07a900877fa091ddd364c195da2a31 500 (Internal Server Error)
global-imports.js?hash=25fbb4c88cefe1aa8bcf7fc22cb260440fe22437:21 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Kadira' of undefined
    at global-imports.js?hash=25fbb4c88cefe1aa8bcf7fc22cb260440fe22437:21
(anonymous) @ global-imports.js?hash=25fbb4c88cefe1aa8bcf7fc22cb260440fe22437:21
app.js?hash=31c18dbbd754f2bdd8d4ecca894b2c1759e6a3f4:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: meteorInstall is not defined
    at app.js?hash=31c18dbbd754f2bdd8d4ecca894b2c1759e6a3f4:1
(anonymous) @ app.js?hash=31c18dbbd754f2bdd8d4ecca894b2c1759e6a3f4:1

I tried creating an issue, but Metor’s fork of the agent ( doesn’t allow public issues.

Any ideas what I should do? I’m hesitant to push a build to Galaxy because I’m afraid of what it will do to even my dev Galaxy instance which is running fine.