Meteor Apollo-Acounts with Facebook

I recently tried to add Apollo to my project. I am using the latest version of Meteor 1.4.4 and installed Meteor-apollo-accounts ( I am not sure if anyone has seen this issue, but when I add accounts-facebook I get the following error:

Error: Already registered the facebook OAuth service
W20170412-20:09:48.681(8)? (STDERR) at Object.OAuth.registerService (packages/oauth.js:65:11)
W20170412-20:09:48.681(8)? (STDERR) at packages/facebook-oauth.js:49:7
W20170412-20:09:48.682(8)? (STDERR) at packages/facebook-oauth.js:125:4
W20170412-20:09:48.682(8)? (STDERR) at packages/facebook-oauth.js:137:3

I already raised a issue in their github, but wanted to check with the rest of you to see if you have encountered this before?

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