Meteor Apollo - Now with Apollo Server 2!


In my limited spare time, I’m creating something based on the grapher boilerplate. Should I just keep on going, and then migrate when your Apollo boilerplate is released? Or would it be better to pause, and wait for it?


I recommend you go with Apollo.


@diaconutheodor where should I go to see an example of logging into meteor from React Native using your packages? Before I was using react-native-meteor so that I could gain access to the Account functions client side inside of react-native-meteor’s createContainer() in my react native app. How would I gain access to those functions? Thanks so much for all of the work you guys are doing!


nevermind I think I found it here!


Yes, it’s all in the documentation, if you have any questions ask, or feel free to improve it.


How interesting is Live queries for Vulcan.js?
Is it something you think would happen?


Live queries? What do you mean?


I mean in terms of Apollo subscriptions and real time:


Maybe, if we end up using CoC’s Apollo integration. Although real-time and subscriptions are not a priority for Vulcan right now, I feel like if that’s what you need Meteor’s own support for real time is already pretty good.


@sacha @stig Apollo Live is completely decoupled from our intergration, you can use it in vulcan, and if you respect the interfaces you can also use it in any pure npm apollo server. But it’s made to work easy with Meteor.


Great!. Thanks for letting me know.


@diaconutheodor is there a way to change the fetchPolicy for the Query in the <ReactiveQuery> component? I find that if I have fetched the query already and then close the subscription (navigate away from the page) and anything is changed while I am gone and then I come back the initial load will pull from the cache and be out of sync. I think that would be fixed just by changing the fetchPolicy to “cache-and-network” but I looked at the component and it looks like you’re only passing the query and variables to the <Query> component. Thanks! :smiley: BTW Meteor + Apollo with Subscriptions + React Native = :tada: ! Thanks for all your hard work!


Can you please create a feature request on GitHub?