Meteor + apollo-react v2, accounts with mongodb

I’m about to start a new project and I’ve been reading up on the latest meteor implementations. A common theme appears to be combing apollo-react v2 with meteor. I’m very comfortable with Meteor, however, I haven’t used Apollo before and it’s hard to tell if the documentation on combining them together is up to date. The LevelUpTuts, look good, however, I think this might be a deprecated way of doing this.

Can anyway provide some guidance on where to start, if documentation is outdated and if it’s worth using Apollo.

Meteor has excellent support for Mongo, of course. But if you are looking into using another database, Apollo provides many valuable capabilities to your Meteor app, including:

  • Reactive data
  • Optimistic UI
  • Caching of query results

There are great Meteor packages for Apollo:

You might wish to use their docs as a starting place. The Apollo team has a Slack channel at They encourage you to post questions on and link to them on the Slack channel.

What it’s the difference between:

I thought ddp-apollo was deprecated.

ddp-apollo works great and is not deprecated.

I haven’t used both, so I cannot provide a proper overview of the differences.