Meteor/Apollo: Set Up Redis Pubsub for Production?

I have Redis pubsub working on my dev server, and I’m now working on getting it on my Galaxy production server. It would be great to get some advice on this. I’ve got a SO post with the details of the question here:

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If you plan on using Meteor and Redis, go with RedisOplog and Apollo Live packages:

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I keep thinking about integrating those great packages. :slight_smile: At the same time, I have so much code working already – basically all of Apollo.

In either case, is there a link that describes how to install Redis on a Galaxy server? Searching the Galaxy docs for SSH brings up no results.

Galaxy does not yet support Redis, I would advise you to look to another service provider for Redis and store it near your Galaxy servers (in the same AWS region)

Ay caramba. Is there a production-ready pubsub that works with Galaxy by any chance?

You can use Apollo Live packages without RedisOplog, that was optional and rely on tailing the oplog :). And they work in Galaxy

I have all my pubsub code working with apollographql/graphql-subscriptions. Rather than refactoring my code for Apollo Live, it would be easier to find a production-ready pubsub that works with Galaxy. If there is such beast. :slight_smile: