Meteor/Apollo Starter Kit v2

While Meteor and Apollo already work great together, it’s true that they’re not as easy to use as “vanilla” Meteor by itself. There is an official Starter Kit example, but it hasn’t been updated for Apollo 2.0 and also lacks key features such as SSR support.

So I created an issue to gather some input about building a v2 of the starter kit.

As we all know MDG always has a lot on their plate and it can be hard to know which projects to prioritize, but I think having an up-to-date, state-of-the-art example would be a great asset to both the Meteor and Apollo communities, and it would also be very helpful for my own work.

Anyway would love to know what people think, either here or on GitHub.


Tutorials, starter kits and documentation all need to be kept up-to-date, but I keep finding that a lot is outdated (especially with Apollo material). MDG needs to improve with this, as outdated material that no longer works acts as a barrier to adoption, wastes the time of those who were thinking of adopting it, and affects MDG’s reputation (e.g. if they can’t even keep a small starter kit up-to-date and working correctly, then how can they manage to maintain the underlying core code?).

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This is definitely something that MDG is interested in (the upcoming 1.7 meteor create --minimal feature can be seen as a first step towards a better integrated Meteor + Apollo story). MDG would LOVE to get community help in this area. If anyone is interested in working on improving the starter kit, definitely let me know!

MDG is very aware of this, and is working on a solution to this problem. They’ve recently hired several new people to help with things like documentation, keeping repo issues/PR’s under control, working with the community to find out pain points and come up with solutions, etc. If you come across any official (MDG controlled) documentation that is out of date or misleading, ping me with the details.


You can take a look at my starter for some SSR stuff:

It supports dynamic-imports through React-Loadable (my fork, because the main fork is not well suited for Meteor), and a few other tricks (react-helmet-async). I also have a branch which supports rendering into a stream, but that makes helmet support more challenging, and realistically requires an output cache (which would be great anyway).

I have a plan to support Meteor data, and was eventually going to add Apollo, but probably won’t get to that for a while.

I had to figure out a lot of problems to get that all to work, so hit me up if you have any questions!