Meteor/Apollo WebSocket for every user with swydo:ddp-apollo package?

Hi, I’m carrying on the discussion from where it was left off in this thread.

I am running a Meteor/React/Apollo/Graphql stack, and require Graphql subscriptions. As such, the only way I found so far to get this done is by using the swydo:ddp-apollo package.

However, what I observed is that all operations (queries, mutations, subscriptions) use the WebSocket connection (screenshot from the Chrome Dev Tools Network tab):

How scalable would something like this be? I imagine this is not good practice to have a WebSocket connection open for every single user on the site.

Ideally what I need to be able to do is split the query based on whether it’s a subscription or query/mutation and have that hit the localhost:3000/graphql endpoint. But there are some problems with this:

  1. I have not found a way to use the server code provided as per the DDP-Apollo docs AND have Graphiql available at /graphql.
  1. If I use my old server code, Graphiql is available but I’m unable to subscribe to anything because ws://localhost:3000/subscriptions is not a websocket endpoint.
const schema = makeExecutableSchema({
const context = async ({req}) => ({
    user: await getUser(req.headers.authorization)
const server = new ApolloServer({
    subscriptions : {
        path: '/subscriptions'
    app: WebApp.connectHandlers,
    path: "/graphql",
WebApp.connectHandlers.use("/graphql", (req, res) => {
    if (req.method === "GET") {

I’ve spent many days on this and searched in many places but I’ve not been able to find a proper solution to this. Would appreciate any help!