Meteor app abort if ssh connection is broken


I´m running an app at a linux server. if I start the app all works fine. After a time the ssh connection will broke.
I easily start it with the command “meteor”.

How to guarantee that the app will run without having an open ssh connection?


Are you refering to a deployment? In that case you should’t run your app using the meteor CLI, you need to build it and make sure it keep running. You can use the popular “mup” package.


No I´m simply using the command “nohup meteor”

“nohup” should force running the app aftrer aborting the ssh connection. One time it works and another time not. It is not stable to use.

Would be nice not to use other packages…


If you really want to run your application that way, you have to add the ampersand symbol “&” at the end, it will create a process in background with a PID.

nohup meteor --production > output.log &


Alright. Thanks francisbou. Seems it works :slight_smile:

Is there any disadvantage to use it in this way?

Why maybe could it be better to use mup?


Well for once your application isn’t compressed so you have a bunch of large javascript files loaded in your dom instead of one obscruted file. Tools like mup ensure your app is kept running, instead of having the proccess quietly stopped. You may lose a fair bit of performance as well, but most importantly the official docs advise against it, see:


Also if/when your server restarts, Meteor won’t restart with it.


You can also use pm2 (node global package) if you want a custom deploy.

Works just fine for me