Meteor App Deploy Windows Error at MUP


I was deploying on Windows to Digital Ocean with these instructions

I got to the end to the “Mup Setup” part and got an error at the deploy. Is something wrong with my SSH?
Attached is a pic.


just double check your key or password.


I used the PuTTy for making the ssh, is that OK? I also copied it into the Security section in DO. I’m curious, how does it read it from my app or PC? Is it pointing to it somewhere when I MUP it? I’m not sure if I followed that correctly since I’m on a PC. @arunoda


You need to configure you keys to the mup.json file. Check out the readme.


@arunoda I did do that. I also tried to deploy with out the SSH and got some type of Linux error on the Prompt. I’m on Windows. Is it possible to deploy it on Windows via MUP?


Hey @jmar42, I don’t suppose you ever figured this out. I’m running into the same problem.