Meteor app does not update Meteor.settings after a hot-code-push on Android app

I have an app deployed on Galaxy and I have mobile versions (Android and iOS) as well.

I just noticed today that if I just change my Meteor.settings file and redeploy to Galaxy, this does trigger a hot-code-push on my mobile devices as expected.
The problem is that when the app reloads after the hot-code-push process is finished, I don’t see the new values from Meteor.settings on Android. The app reloads but the Meteor.settings files is still the old one.
To see the new values I have to completely close the mobile app and open it again. This probably means that the reload process does not reload the Meteor.settings file as well.

Does any one else can confirm this problem? This is bad because I frequently just change my Meteor.settings file and I don’t want to be forced to launch an update on Google Playstore everytime. I need to rely on hot-code-push.

I’m using the latest Meteor Version 1.5.1.